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  • What do I take with me?
    All you need is comfortable (sports) clothing in which you can move comfortably. If your child likes it, you can also bring a cuddly toy with you. Everything else (mats and attributes) are ready for you. If you want to bring your own mat, you can do that too.
  • What is Parent & Child Yoga?
    Parent & Child Yoga classes are for both the parent and the child. The classes are curated specially for Mukha Kids Yoga and a mix of gym elements, yoga and mindfulness. You don't have to have any experience. Think a little touch of yoga, (breath)games and moving and balancing together. Good to know is that we don't expect both of you to be serious buddhas during the class, in our classes we are very active and have a lot of laughs!
  • Can I participate in the class with two children?
    Each place in the class offers space for one parent/guardian and one child, so unfortunately it is not possible to participate with two children. If you'd like to bring both your kids, invite a grandpa, grandma or cool uncle to join!
  • Can we participate in the lesson with two parents/guardians and one child?
    During the lesson there is room on each mat for one parent/guardian and one child, so unfortunately that is not possible. At the end of each class period there is a viewing lesson, in which you can invite two people to attend the lesson.
  • Can I book individual lessons or buy a punch card?
    Children benefit greatly from repetition. 'Knowing what is coming' gives a safe feeling and puts them at ease. Regularity and repetition are important in a yoga class: the child is given space for deepening and stillness and through repetition you notice changes and improvements better. But we understand life sometimes happens and we need to be flexible! If you want to start, it is possible to do two trial lessons to see if you and your child like it. You can then register for the course and we will reserve your spot on the mat every week or we have a punch card or single class available
  • How are your teachers trained?
    Our teachers are yoga teachers who are used to working with children, often with experience in childcare, for example. Our teachers are in possession of a Certificate of Good Conduct and some with pediatric first aid certificates. We hope to have provided all our team members with a pediatric first aid certificate next year. All teachers work according to the same teaching method and the same themes.
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