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Parent and Child Yoga

The benefits at a glance. 


Moving together 

During class we move together and support each other. Nice for you to get some exercise, and for your child an opportunity to develop motor skills in a playful way. All that jumping, clambering and balancing contributes to the growth of your child.



We practice breathing in a playful way. Blow up large balloons or let boats sail over the waves. For example, we work on breathing awareness and learn how it can help when your child is tired, angry or tense, thus relieving stress for your child and you. 



During class you will have a wonderful moment just for you and your child. This way you can see what your child likes or what is still a bit more exciting. By doing this together, we work on the mutual bond between you and your child. And that is of course also very good for your little one's self-confidence. 


Emotion regulation

There is a lot of laughter in the lessons, but the children are also allowed to be sad, bored or angry. It is precisely by paying attention to all emotions that we teach children how to deal with them. And that it's okay not to be happy all the time. 

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