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About Mukha Kids Yoga

Founder Sabrina Vernooy:

In addition to my passion for yoga, which I have been doing with great love for ten years, I became a mother in 2021. After looking forward to our baby for 9 months, the birth and the first year were not what we expected. It really took a while before I got used to my role as a mother and could enjoy it. For me it is a rollercoaster of fun, love, but also challenging moments. I believe it is important to be open about the duality of parenting.

In my environment I can notice that it is difficult for young parents to really find quality time with their children. That is why my mission is to make yoga accessible to everyone and specifically to connect young parents/caregivers and children more closely. Through our classes I hope to create a space where parents and children can grow, relax and enjoy the moment together.


The benefits of Parent and Child Yoga

The lessons are not only fun, but are also very beneficial for you and your child.

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