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About the lessons

What are Parent & Child classes?


Together on the mat.

 Move, breathe and discover together on the mat. Parents support and guide their children as they balance, move and sometimes even fly!


We explore breathing exercises to find calmness and to learn how to use this during moments of stress.


Each lesson has a theme, inspired by children's books. In doing so we develop the imagination and understanding of emotions. We explore movement on the mat in a fun connective way.

Sabrina, founder of Mukha Kids Yoga:

"After nine months of looking forward to our baby, the first year was not what we expected. It really took a while for me to get used to my role as a mother and to get to know my child. For me it is a roller coaster of fun, love , but also challenging moments. I believe it is important to be open about the double-sided nature of parenting.

We spend a lot of time with our children, but quality time is sometimes difficult. Through our lessons I hope to create space in which parents and children can grow, relax and enjoy the moment together.


Mukha means 'face' or 'face', translated from Sanskrit. A reference to the happy faces of both parents and kids. To me it also means that all emotions are welcome in class."

Sabrina Vernooy
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